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Barrett Financial Group L.L.C., provides access to funding in all states except New York.

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Home Loan And Mortgage Lenders.


Your BFG Lending team provides expert knowledge, industry leading service and offers product specialty for all your mortgage needs.

🌟 Learn why America's growing choice for home loans is your personal and dedicated team at Barrett Financial Group!

✅ Self-Employed Home Loans

✅ Investor DSCR loans

✅ No Tax Return Home Loans 

✅ Cash-Out Refinance For All Loan Types

✅ Jumbo Mortgages

✅ FHA Home Loans

✅ VA Home Loans

✅ Hard Money Loans

✅ Conventional Loans


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Our Specialty Loan Products

Self-Employed & Bank Statement Loans

We have the most extensive solution-based options for self-employed & 1099 borrowers.  And we never need tax returns!

Proof of income can come from gross bank statement deposits, 1099's, CPA letters or P & L statements.  Self-Employed income and credit approval available same day!  


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Investor DSCR Purchase & Refinance

The most popular form of mortgage for the purchase or refinance of rental real estate is the DSCR Investor Loan.  The DSCR mortgage refers to a loan for investors that is evaluated and underwritten based on the Debt Service Coverage Ratio of the subject property.  Typically, no  borrower income, employment or tax returns are required.

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Cash Out Refinance Home Loans

Time to consolidate debt, payoff a student loan or use equity for a new property acquisition or investment?

We have you covered for a cash out refinance for your primary, 2nd home or investment property.  Available for both traditional full doc borrowers, self-employed folks & for all our "no tax return" mortgage products.


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No Income & No Tax Return Mortgage

I have good credit and a down payment but......"I just got divorced", "I'm in between jobs", I'm retired.....

There are many reasons and life events that require our borrowers to utilize a low doc loan and execute a fast and easy loan funding.  We can offer just that with our No Income, No Employment & No Tax Return Loan.


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FHA Home Loans

FHA loans are government-backed mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration. They're designed to help first-time homebuyers, individuals with lower credit scores, and those with limited down payment funds achieve their homeownership goals.

With an FHA loan, you can buy a home with as little as 3.5% down. And with today's available down payment assistance programs you might qualify for a zero down program. 


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Jumbo Mortgages

A Jumbo Home Loan, also known as a Jumbo Mortgage, is a specialized financing solution designed for homebuyers who are looking to purchase a home that exceeds the conforming loan limits set by government-sponsored entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. 

These loans allow you to borrow larger amounts of money to finance high-value properties, giving you the flexibility to invest in your dream home without limitations.

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VA Home Loans

A VA Home Loan is a mortgage loan program specifically designed to assist veterans, active-duty military personnel, and eligible surviving spouses in purchasing a home. It's a powerful benefit provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to honor and support those who have served our country.

With a VA Home Loan, you can say goodbye to the hefty down payments that can be a significant barrier for many homebuyers. In most cases, No down payment is required!

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Hard Money Loans

Discover the power of Hard Money Mortgages and seize opportunities that traditional loans may overlook.

A Hard Money Mortgage is a unique financing solution tailored for real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and homebuyers who value speed, flexibility, and creative financing options. Unlike conventional loans, Hard Money Mortgages are asset-based loans secured by the value of the property itself, rather than your credit history or income.

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What about other home loan types?
Oh yeah!  We have ALL that

Jumbo Mortgages
FHA Home Loans
VA Home Loans
Conforming Mortgages
Conventional Home Loans
Self-Employed Mortgages
Bank Statement Home Loans
DSCR Investor Loans
Asset Only & Asset Depletion Home Loans
Hard Money Loans
Multi-Family Loans
(DPA) Down Payment Assistance

How It All Works

Connect with your team!

The first step in any mortgage process should include a detailed conversation with your loan officer that identifies your needs.

A thorough understanding of your loan options is then followed by a formal written rate quote. Once you are fully satisfied with your loan terms you can now feel comfortable and confident with moving forward with an approval.  Your licensed BFG team is ready to lead you through these steps. Click "learn more"  or "book a consultation" to get started today. 


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Secure Loan Approval!

When you're pre-approved for a loan, sellers and their agents will view you as a serious and credible buyer. This can provide you with negotiating power in terms of price, as they now know you're financially capable of making the purchase should they accept  your offer.

For most submissions we can provide formal credit & and income approval the same or next day. Give us a call today and lets help you get pre-approved.


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Close Your Loan!

Once you are under contract to purchase or ready to begin your refinance we will escort you through final underwriting. Your loan officer will oversee and manage the appraisal and title process, then secure your final approval and complete the loan process with delivery of loan docs to your closing company.  The entire loan process can be simple and straight forward if you are partnered with the right team.

Rest assured, we will get you across the finish line with a winning time!

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Schedule your consult now or call us @ (480) 405-6333. No cost, no obligation.

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