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Barrett Financial & Your Mortgage Team

With Barrett Financial Group you are gaining a nationwide lending partner with over 20 years of mortgage lending experience.  We are one of the largest and fastest growing mortgage brokers in the country with over 600 mortgage professionals.

Our vision is to provide exceptional service to clients by offering a wide range of mortgage products and services while maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism. We are committed to open and honest communication from first-contact to funding.

Like many Barrett Financial clients before you, we are confident you will be pleased to have us on your team.

We have an incredible industry advantage of being able to operate our team as a service first "boutique" lender within the frame work of a large and resourceful mortgage broker that has enjoyed 20+ years of  success and stability.
I have personally split my 25+ years of mortgage between the "big banks" and the mortgage brokers and I am 100% convinced that our clients are best served by us lending as mortgage brokers.  There are too many benefits to list here, but primarily it comes down to our direct control of customer service levels and our access to the lowest industry rates.  A bank offers it's own products and its own rates with 100% "artificial" control over both.  As mortgage brokers at BFG we can offer direct in-house products/rates or we have complete freedom to offer the rates and products from over 200+ competitive wholesale lending channels. More choices, more competition, more benefits or our borrowers. 

We absolutely have the best of both worlds and we collaborate as a team of experienced mortgage professionals to deliver you the absolute best in service, product and rate. 

We would love to hear from you so we can share more about our team and why we are the right lending partner for your next loan. Call us any time!

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