Jumbo Mortgage Solutions

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Your personal BFG Lending team offers expert knowledge, industry-leading service, and specialized products for borrowers seeking high loan amounts or flexible underwriting. We qualify jumbo borrowers with, or without needing tax returns!

Here are our most popular jumbo mortgage solutions. 

✅  Traditional Full Documentation 

Our traditional jumbo mortgage requires 2 years of income verification including tax returns. If this fits your scenario you can coun't on the lowest rate jumbo mortgage product. Don't worry about all the paper work. We have a simplified and organized process for approval. 

✅  Bank Statement Qualifier 

If  you are self-employed We can determine your eligibility by considering deposits made to your business or personal bank account, particularly those related to your business activities.  Available for most all self-employed borrowers.  No tax returns required so we are focusing on your gross revenue by way of bank deposits. Typically we use 12 months bank statement totals but we do offer a 3 month program. 

✅  1099 Only, CPA Letter Or Profit & Loss Products

 We can also assess your eligibility by examining the total income reported on your recent 1099 statement, or with a basic CPA Letter or a Profit & Loss statement.  No tax returns needed and we focus on your total revenue which can be from multiple sources. 

✅  Asset Depletion Or Asset Only Loans

Asset depletion loans convert a borrowers liquid assets into income streams for qualifying purposes. An asset only loan for a residential property will look for liquid asset totals to equal the amount of the loan amount requested.  Asset depletion can also be used in conjunction or combined with other income streams such as social security, pensions or business revenue.

True No Income Options

Certainly, if necessary, we can offer a genuine "no income, no employment" loan product. That's correct, you won't need to provide any income or employment information on the application and no tax returns. This EZ qualifier option is available for primary, 2nd home and investment property. Please note that this option may come with a higher interest rate because of the limited documentation required. 

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No Hassle Jumbo Mortgages

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Trusted.


Details about Our Jumbo Mortgages:

✅  Lowest rate options for traditional full income documented borrowers.

✅  No Tax Return Jumbo Products for Self-Employed, Entrepenuers,1099 Workers, Business Owners & Free Lancers

✅  Jumbo Options Allow You To Qualify Off Bank Statement Deposits, 1099 Totals Or With A CPA Letter If Documenting Income Is A Hassle.

✅  True No Income - No Employment - No Tax Return Jumbo Options Available

✅  Minimum 10% Down Payment  

✅  Minimum FICO Scores 580+  

✅  Loan Amounts $150,000 up to $10,000,000

✅  Available For Primary, 2nd Home & Investment Property

✅  Purchase, Refinance & Cash Out Allowed

✅  SFR, Condo, Condo-Tel & Multi-Family Units Allowed


Need A Flexible Mortgage? We Got You Covered!

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Discover why Barrett Financial Group is the fastest-growing choice for home loans in America. Our dedicated Mortgage team at BFG is ready to serve you!


✅    Jumbo Mortgages For Residential & Commercial Property.

✅   Self-Employed Home Loans With No Tax Returns Required.

✅   Traditional Full Doc Home Loans With The Rate You Are Looking For!

✅   Fast Close Cash-Out Refinance For All Loan Types.

✅   DSCR Loans For RE Investors With No verified Income Or Employment required.

✅   "Stated Income" Home Loans Available For Purchase & Refinance.

✅   Mortgage Products For ITIN & Foreign National Borrowers.

✅   VA/FHA  Home Loans Allow For Higher Loan Limits.

✅   Hard Money Loans For Residential & Commercial Real Estate. 

✅    Construction Loans.


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